DeLafée distributes Noris Gold leaf and gilding materials.

Our gold leaf and gold powder are manufactured by Noris's 100 employees in the gold leaf center of Schwabach/Germany. We guarantee German quality products.

You can order gold leaf here, gold powder, and gilding material and tools are vailable here. The easy-to-use instacoll system by koelner products can be order here.

We offer Gold leaf in the highest quality in 32 different shades.
In addition to gold-leaf we offer roll gold, powder gold, silver leaf and roll silver in excellent quality. This standard can only be obtained by production in Noris's own manufacturing center supported by decades of goldleaf manufacturing experience and the most modern technology.
The whole assortment of NORIS BLATTGOLD contains also all the tools and materials used by gilders, restaurators and church painters. 

DeLafée creates luxury Products with Gold:

Luxury gifts with edible gold
Interior Design Products with Gold
Fashion accessoires with gold